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Mauser Earth News

Hi all!

As you will have noticed, there haven't been any Mauser Earth releases the past 2 months.
When we relaunched the Wonderlands Project, we were acompanied by organisations that helps new companies. With them on board, we may have access to some funds to release many new miniatures for Mauser Earth, but those funds are going to arrive a few month late...
So, we cannot sustain the release rhythm we had originally hoped for (even if there are already a few miniatures sculpted and in production).
As you know, we are working on a skirmish game for Mauser Earth and we need to launch it with a Kickstarter.
So, we decided not to release any miniatures yet and to wait to release them with the kickstarter campaign (to be able to offer you a really BIG campaign!) Of course there will be those minis you have all seen and some other surprises (as you can see, Major Kobayashi is not available on the webstore, but someone told me he will be back with his friends in this campaign!)

Don't forget we will be at Salute 2016! Come and see us (we will be with our friends "Blight Wheel Miniatures" and "Kaha Miniatures"), so come and see us and ask all of your questions!

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